4 Smart Ways You Can

Save Money by Switching to Artificial Grass

Many homeowners all over the country are trying to find new ways to save money on their everyday expenses. Companies are always coming up with ways to help homeowners save money from energy-saving appliances to water-saving filtration systems.

Installing artificial grass is an incredible way to save money. There are several ways that you can save money by switching to artificial grass. In the article below, we’ll examine this further. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Lower Your Water Bill

According to the EPA, a solid one-third of the average household’s water consumption is used for watering lawns. On average, a healthy natural grass lawn needs approximately 55 gallons of water per square foot annually. This water usage tends to be higher in warmer climates, like in Southern California.

Installing artificial grass at your home can significantly reduce the amount of water you use and significantly lower your water bill. In many cases, homeowners find that the money they save monthly on their water bills quickly helps to pay for the initial investment.

2. Eliminate the Need for Herbicides and Pesticides

Natural grass yards inherently attract a wide variety of pests, from bugs to weeds. This means that you’ll need herbicides to cut down on the weeds and pesticides to cut down on the bugs. This can get expensive over the years with constant maintenance to keep these pests at bay.

Artificial turf does not attract pests, and weeds are rarely an issue, with one popping up every once in a while. This completely eliminates the need for using herbicides and pesticides to keep your lawn healthy and green. By avoiding the need to use these products, you can save money every year!

3. No More Mowing and Trimming

When you have a natural grass yard, it’s no surprise that it grows. Therefore, you need to mow and trim it to keep it looking crisp and clean. Some people don’t realize that it can take a lot of money to maintain a real lawn. The bills quickly add up from the money for a lawnmower, gas, and other tools to maintain your yard. Synthetic turf doesn’t require any type of mowing or trimming to maintain. It will stay the same height, color, and texture all year long. This is where many homeowners save a lot of time and money without the need for these tools and fuel.

4. Yard Maintenance Services

Not everyone has the time to mow and trim a live lawn between the time at work and with family. That’s when they call up a yard maintenance service to do the job for them. This is an excellent way to save time. However, it can quickly eat into your budget. Thanks to the low-maintenance of artificial grass, you can invest those hundreds of dollars usually spent on a lawn care service into worthwhile investments or a family vacation!

Summing Things Up

There are all kinds of smart ways to save money by switching to artificial grass! By lowering your water bill, eliminating the need for herbicides and pesticides, removing the need for mowing and trimming, and eliminating the need for lawn care services, you can save hundreds of dollars every year! If you want to save more money, consider switching to an artificial yard!