Artificial Grass for Hotels

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for hotel owners looking to remove the hassle of maintaining a yard or creating their own landscape. Hotel guests will also appreciate the added comfort and cleanliness offered by artificial grass instead of real grass. With minimal upkeep required, including occasional rinsing off with water (which turns into dew in the morning), hotels can enjoy lush green lawns without having to mow or fertilize them, which is especially beneficial when it comes to attracting furry four-legged friends.

Artificial Grass for hotels can be installed over existing concrete surfaces while still allowing you access to your pool. Installation of turf requires very little digging because there are no roots, unlike traditional grass that needs rerouting (which requires extensive digging). The installation also allows hotel owners to take full advantage of any banks or slopes in the area.

Reduce Germs and Bacteria

Artificial Grass for hotels is easier to maintain and inherently reduces the spread of germs and bacteria, such as e-coli. A study conducted by Westminster University found that natural grasses are magnets for harmful bacteria due to their porous nature. Synthetic materials have no pores, which means they’re much easier to keep clean! This could be especially beneficial when accommodating furry four-legged friends (not just pets!) who may choose to leave the pool area covered in sand.

Keeping areas clean and sanitary is especially important for hotels in San Diego, California, where many events are hosted throughout the year. Hosting conventions in San Diego means that there is a greater risk for contamination from outside sources with all of the traveling guests.

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Easy to Clean

The simple design of artificial grass for hotels makes cleaning a breeze. The lack of creases and folds, coupled with the fact that most synthetic surfaces are porous, means they can be easily rinsed off with water or brushed down. However, it is important to note that certain surfaces may require more thorough cleaning depending on how heavy foot traffic is in the area. The standard cleaning procedure is as follows:

Remove debris and dirt with a broom or traditional leaf blower. Rinse off the area with water (this acts as a natural deodorizer). Brush down the surface with a stiff brush to remove stuck-on particles. Allow at least 24 hours for grass to dry before having any activity (such as dog walks, sports games, etc.)

Improved Aesthetics

One of the benefits of choosing artificial grass for hotels is the improved aesthetics, especially when it comes to your landscaping. With an artificial surface, you can create a variety of landscapes without having to do any digging. This means that you don’t have to worry about roots or other obstructions that may be present in natural lawns.

Additionally, with no need for irrigation or mowing, there are no worries about water leaking onto the roof and causing damage. The area can be fully customized to any design that you choose.

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    Artificial Grass for hotels is unmatched in its durability. Typically, artificial grass has a lifespan of 15 years or more, whereas natural turf has an average lifespan of fewer than 3 years. The thicker the fibers on your new surface, the longer it will last! When choosing artificial grass for your hotel, follow this guide: If high-traffic areas are where you need the grass, make sure to choose a high-quality turf that can withstand excessive foot traffic.

    If your surface is limited in any way (such as only covering the pool deck), then you may be able to use a lower quality of artificial grass. If this is the case, be sure to invest in an anti-fungal coating for added protection against natural elements such as grass rot and mold.

    We Use Only High-Quality Materials

    At Artificial Grass San Diego, we use only the highest quality of synthetic materials for our artificial grasses. We are confident that you will not find better products on the market at a better price! Our team has decades of experience in the industry, and they are committed to making sure that every customer is satisfied.

    Not only does our team take pride in their workmanship, but also that of their suppliers. We not only thoroughly test all of our materials on-site, but we ensure that each strand meets strict quality control guidelines before it is sent out for commercial use. If you are interested in having artificial grass for your hotel or commercial property, contact us today!