Artificial Grass for Schools

You expect to see artificial turf on sports fields and around pools, which is why many people are surprised to find artificial grass in schools. However, many schools are adding synthetic turf to play areas, playgrounds, and athletic fields to drastically improve the safety of students during physical education classes and before- or after-school programs.

One school decided on artificial grass because their traditional surface was too tough on knees. The hard ground caused several children to skip participating in recess altogether, cutting off an important form of physical activity that helps keep them healthy. Our team at Artificial Grass San Diego is dedicated to providing affordably priced materials to our clients in the area.

Increase Safety Levels

One of the most important aspects of a play area is safety, and using artificial grass for schools is an easy way for children to enjoy recess again. Our turf doesn’t have pebbles or sharp edges that can cut feet or harm knees during falls, adding an extra layer of protection to the playground.

In addition, our synthetic turf isn’t affected by dirt and mud like traditional surfaces can be. With heavy rains, water seeps into the ground beneath standard greenery quickly, which leads to muddy areas with unsafe footing. Artificially grown tufts are resistant to high amounts of precipitation, so you won’t need to worry about students’ shoes throwing off mud on a rainy day.

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Simple to Clean

As part of their reconditioning program, schools routinely spend time and money washing down the play areas. The surfaces become filled with dirt and debris that is then sprayed off with a hose, which pollutes nearby water sources when it’s carried away in runoff. With synthetic grass, you don’t need to worry about dirtying local rivers and streams during cleanings. This is a major benefit, especially in urban areas where heavy rains can cause chemicals from roadways to end up as runoff.

The material is also quite resistant to staining. If students spill or become sick on the turf, it is easy to clean away any liquids that would normally stain natural grass. To learn more about the maintenance of turf, give us a call.

Chemical Free

Artificial grass for schools is also beneficial because it’s chemical-free which means that if kids with asthma are playing outside during recess, they won’t end up wheezing with difficulty breathing. For children who are allergic to pollen and grass, our synthetic turf eliminates this issue completely.

As you can see, schools need a safe surface for kids to play on. While standard grass provides an adequate amount of protection for smaller children, older students run the risk of injuries from falls and slips. In order to ensure that children get a chance to get outside and be physically active during recess or before- or after-school activities, look at the artificial grass our San Diego company offers today.

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    Water Conservation

    Another benefit of artificial grass for schools is that the material requires very little water to maintain. Standard greenery needs about four inches of rainfall on a weekly basis in order to stay alive, which isn’t always possible during the summer months where droughts are common. Grass also absorbs sunlight which causes it to dry out quickly.

    People who are unable to water their lawns frequently enough may decide they need to cut back on this activity, but our synthetic turf has given people with strict watering schedules new freedom. It’s great for the environment and can help homeowners to save time on yard maintenance each day.

    We Offer Quality Products

    At Artificial Grass San Diego, we sell only the highest quality products so that you won’t have problems with expensive repairs or replacements within just a few years. Our team takes exceptional care of each individual client because every person has unique needs. That means that you’ll be able to count on our artificial turf for your play area, playgrounds, athletic track, or even landscape.

    We want to know that all of our customers are left feeling fantastic about their decision to choose us as the company they want installing their turf. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our work, so if you aren’t happy with the products we install, contact us, and we will work to resolve the issue. For more information regarding any of our products or services, give us a call today.