Why Artificial Grass Is

The Best Solution For Playgrounds

Playing outside is a vital part of childhood. It’s actually recommended by most pediatricians that children get at least 3 hours a day to play outside.

Playgrounds have been an integral part of playing outside for kids for decades. As playgrounds have progressed over the years, numerous playground materials have surfaced. From natural grass to mulch to rubber mulch, we’ve seen plenty of updated materials claiming to be safer.

However, artificial grass has been making an appearance replacing the past materials to create a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable experience for children all across the country! Below, we’ll discuss just why artificial grass is the best solution for playgrounds.

Safer than Traditional Playground Materials

Roughly 200,000 kids ages 14 years old and younger wind up in the emergency room due to playground-related injuries. Natural dirt and grass is a hard surface for kids to fall on. It simply cannot absorb the impact of a child falling, so the child takes the hit, breaking bones or worse. Wood mulch has sharp ends that can cut or embed into a kid after a fall. Rubber mulch, or shredded tires, absorb heat more than any other playground material. This can make it remarkably hot and cause issues for children with mobility problems when accessing the playground.

In contrast, artificial grass absorbs shock much more effectively than these materials, lessening the impact of a fall. Synthetic turf also has soft, smooth grass blades that will not cut. This grass is designed to stay cool like natural grass and lessen the worry of burns. The smooth surface of artificial grass makes it easy for children of all ages and physical abilities to play safely!

Durability and Weather Resistance

Outdoor playgrounds are obviously exposed to practically every type of weather, from high winds to rain to snow to excessive sun. Natural grass needs to be watered regularly during the drier summer months and needs proper drainage during the rainy season. Rubber and wood mulch have their own weather-related challenges as well. Rubber cracks and fades in the sun, and wood mulch will absorb water and get muddy. Artificial grass can withstand all of these weather conditions while still keeping it’s green color. There’s no worry of mud puddles thanks to the exceptional drainage that turf has to offer.

Not to mention, kids play hard and play rough. This can wear out practically any playground materials. Whether it’s wearing grass down to the dirt, crushing mulch down to dust, or wearing out the rubber to the underlayment, kids can do some damage. However, artificial grass can handle the wear and tear that playtime can cause without wearing down quickly or creating bare spots!

Less Maintenance

With natural grass, you’ll be committing hours and money to the upkeep of watering, mowing, and trimming the playground. When you’re using wood or rubber mulch, you’ll be replacing it continuously to keep bare patches covered.

Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best. Synthetic grass doesn’t need watering or trimming. The only time you should have to use water is if it gets soiled for some reason. Then, you’ll just need to spray it off with a hose and call it a day!

It Looks Beautiful and Feels Comfortable

Natural grass playgrounds are sure to have worn-to-dirt areas and can develop yellowed patches of grass during dry weather. Wood and rubber mulch quickly become crushed and worn down to the underlayment, giving your playground a half-finished or poorly-maintained look.

Artificial grass playgrounds look beautiful all year long! They’re UV-resistant, so there’s no worry of the sun fading the green color of your playground’s grass. Thanks to the durability of artificial grass, there’s also no concern of patches being worn bare. When you choose a synthetic grass playground surface, you can trust that your playground will look clean and green for years!

Wrapping Up

Artificial grass is undoubtedly the best choice for any outdoor playground. When it comes to safety, durability, weather-resistance, maintenance, and appearance, artificial grass excels in every category compared to other playground materials. If you’re looking to update your playground or install a new playground, consider having artificial grass installed!