Artificial Grass for Parks

While artificial grass is common to see at sports fields and around pools, artificial turf is now being used in city parks. It can make a park more comfortable for recreational activities and has been shown to greatly reduce the amount of water needed to maintain a park’s beautiful space. Synthetic turf is identical to natural grass except that the blades are made of polyethylene or polypropylene yarn.

Parks can benefit from our team installing new materials for them to use in their recreational area. We have been installing synthetic turf for decades and look forward to helping the San Diego parks improve their facilities.

Our Quality Materials

We use top-of-the-line materials and professional installation techniques to ensure that each park receives what they want. Our synthetic turf is attractive, comfortable, safe, and easy to care for. Not only does it look just like real grass, but it also has anti-microbial properties to prevent bacterial growth on the surface. Our artificial turf comes in a variety of styles and colors, so you can get it to match your existing design.

Our experienced team would love to help you. We will listen carefully to what you want and work hard to make sure your park gets exactly what they need. We believe in excellent customer service and providing the best prices and services we can. Our number one priority is making sure you are satisfied with the work we do and the products we provide for your park.

We are here to Help You Get Started in the right direction with your Project.

Simple to Maintain

When you choose us for your synthetic turf installation, you can be confident that it will stay green and beautiful for years to come. While the real grass in a park must be watered, fertilized, mowed, and weeded regularly, our artificial turf requires very little maintenance. All you have to do is hose down the grass whenever it becomes dirty.

Because our turf requires minimal effort to keep it green and beautiful, your park system will save money on the water bill every month. Artificial grass also stays green all year round, unlike natural grass, which goes dormant during a drought. It is a great way to cut down on the number of water parks must use when maintaining their area.

Increased Safety

One of the reasons a park might want to install our synthetic turf is for safety. There are children and athletes who play in these parks every day, and they need a surface that is safe for them. The natural grass can become damaged from wear and tear, especially if people run across it or fall onto it frequently. Our artificial grass will not fade, become worn down, or tear. Kids and athletes can play on it without hurting themselves because the surface of our grass is much more forgiving than natural grass.

People are surprised to find out that even when our artificial turf becomes slightly damaged, it still does not pose a safety risk. The damage-resistant materials are non-toxic and will not harbor bacteria or fungi. We recommend checking out artificial grass before you buy it so you can see it for yourself!

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    Why Choose Us?

    We know there are dozens of artificial grass installers near you, but here is what sets us apart from the rest!


    Our team has 15 years of experience installing synthetic grass in San Diego.

    Strong Portfolio

    We have installed artificial grass in areas like Hotel Del Mar, Tustin Unified School District, and Balboa Bay Resort


    We stand behind our work so we offer strong warranties on residential and commercial projects.

    Best Pricing

    With our wholesale synthetic grass warehouse, we can guarantee that our prices will be lower than the other guys.

    No Pesticides or Fertilizer

    Many people are concerned about what chemicals are being left behind on the grass when they water it. People think that if they don’t use organic fertilizers and pesticides, their water will be very harmful to the environment. That’s not true anymore: we can offer synthetic turf without any of these hazardous materials!

    Even if you decide to use natural pesticides and fertilizers, you will not be able to protect the water table completely. The fertilizer will still wash down into the ground below your park’s grass. Our artificial grass is an eco-friendly alternative because it doesn’t require any water or chemical treatments to keep it green. Enjoy the view of a healthy plant without worrying about harmful chemicals or water use.

    You Can Trust In Our Team

    We are dedicated to our customers and provide the best service possible. You can trust us because we have been in this business for many years providing synthetic turf installation projects all across San Diego County for parks, playgrounds, golf courses, schools, daycares, backyards, dog runs, and more. With so much experience, we have developed a streamlined process that makes your project run as smoothly as possible.

    If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, please reach out to us today. We will always provide free estimates and consultations to our new and returning clients.