Artificial Grass for Residential Homes

Artificial grass can be a cost-effective solution for residential homes that are looking to save water, invest in the future of green lawns, or have limited outdoor space. Fake grass is becoming more popular as environmental awareness grows and homeowners are interested in adding value to their property through artificial turf installation.

On average, grass needs to be watered four-five times per week during warm weather months. A family with a traditional backyard lawn can use up well over 100,000 gallons of water from their tap in just one year. This amount will vary depending on the region and seasonality, but it highlights the significant change required when transitioning from regular yard maintenance to artificial turf.

Boost Curb Appeal

Homeowners are being more proactive about property value. The San Diego area has seen an influx of homeowners take advantage of artificial turf installation to increase their overall real estate value. Fake grass can help you tap into this trend by boosting your curb appeal with a lush, green lawn that looks perfect all year long. There’s only one problem – the process is too expensive, and the upfront costs create an excuse for these people to hold off on investing in artificial grass.

If you’re looking to boost your own home value without having to rely on the rising market price, make sure you look into how much it costs to install artificial grass before dismissing it as unaffordable.

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No Mud or Puddles

If you live in an area that experiences frequent rainstorms, mud is inevitable. This can create problems for walking on your grass and tracking dirt all over the house, but it also carries disease and destroys the natural environment of other plants. You don’t need to worry about getting rid of muddy messes with fake grass because there’s no mud at all!

The absence of puddles means no more standing water sitting around overnight, making artificial turf safer for kids and animals. This minimizes accidental slips and injuries and keeps bugs like mosquitos away.

You Can Customize Your Grass

Some homeowners are unsure about how long-term maintenance will be with artificial grass. You might start off thinking it’s easy to clean up pet waste or take care of some nasty weeds growing out of control in your yard, but how will it work three years down the road? Will your grass still look fresh and like it did when you first installed it?

Fortunately, artificial grass can be customized to meet the needs of many homeowners. It’s not just one flat sheet that you cut to fit your yard; instead, there are different varieties of grass depending on how long or natural-looking you want your turf. You could opt for a longer shaggy carpet that looks like real blades of grass or a shorter version that helps control mud and makes it easier for kids to play outside without getting dirty.

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    It’s quite straightforward – if you have a lawn full of green plants growing out of control, chances are you’re going to need to mow the lawn every week. That’s a lot of work over a long period of time, especially if you wait to cut your grass until it becomes a nuisance and starts clogging up your yard.

    Artificial turf requires no mowing because there are no plants at all – just fake blades made from recycled rubber that has been injected with UV protectants to ensure they look fresh and natural all year round. In addition, pet owners can rejoice knowing their dogs won’t be playing around in the mud, thanks to this simple installation process.

    Low Maintenance Costs

    It makes sense for homeowners to rush to artificial turf as an investment in the future of green lawns and water conservation, but what about the small price tag? Many people hold off because they think it’s too expensive, but it’s actually much less expensive than watering your lawn every week over the course of several years.

    There are no costs associated with maintaining the artificial grass itself because there’s nothing to maintain. It will look great when you first install it and continue to remain in good condition for years, but that doesn’t mean it requires any special care on your part. If you use your property frequently, make sure you sweep up pet waste or take care of weeds by hand.